Beach Holidays: Style and Elegance

Summer is just around the corner and every detail matters when it comes to ensuring a seamless beach vacation. Gran Sasso, synonymous with high quality and sophistication in the fashion world, has come up with an impeccable collection to enjoy a restful holiday without sacrificing elegance. Here are the ultimate summer must-have items to pack!

For Him: Comfort and Minimalist Style

Imagine walking along the seafront on a cool summer evening wearing the cotton interlock jersey bomber jacket by Gran Sasso, the go-to garment to achieve the perfect comfort-style balance. For a sought-after navy look, the bouclé cotton hooded crew neck sweater is ideal: also available in a polo shirt version, it allows you to choose the garment that best suits your style while maintaining a classic flair.

interlock cotton jersey bomber jacket

Interlock cotton jersey bomber jacket

striped boucle' knit hoodie

Striped boucle' knit hoodie

striped boucle' knit polo

Striped boucle' knit polo

A summer staple you can’t do without is the mouliné crew neck, ideal for cooler evenings on the beach. If you prefer a versatile look, the shirt with vertical rib and cable-knit pattern is perfect for transitioning from day to night thanks to its elegant design. For those who love stripes, the Breton jersey T-shirt, which combines style and comfort, is a must-have.

mouline' crew neck

Mouline' crew neck

cabled and ribbed knit shirt

Cabled and ribbed knit shirt

breton style striped jersey t-shirt

Breton style striped jersey t-shirt

For sustainable fashion lovers, Gran Sasso has designed swimwear in recycled microfibre. The new swim trunks are complemented by patchwork print t-shirts or with a matching pocket for a perfect total look at the beach. Besides being eco-friendly, the particularity of the swimwear is in the pocket, as it allows folding the boxer inside it, turning into a pouch to store the swimwear easily.

recycled microfibres swim trunks

Recycled microfibres swim trunks

recycled microfibres swim trunks

Recycled microfibres swim trunks

For Her: Elegance and Freshness

When it comes to summer fashion, the keyword is lightness! By wearing the zipped midi dress, which combines comfort and style, you can feel cooler on hot summer days whether in the city or at the beach. For a sophisticated and contemporary look, the asymmetrical rib sweater is the perfect choice: the ribbed pattern provides an effortlessly elegant touch, ideal for any occasion. 

asymetrical collar ribbed sweater

Asymetrical collar ribbed sweater

zip midi dress

Zip midi dress

A timeless staple is the boat neck shirt featuring an openwork diamond pattern, perfect for adding a touch of class to your summer wardrobe. If you are looking for something fresh and cool, the patterned knit tank top is ideal for warmer days.

diamond jacquard boat neck

Diamond jacquard boat neck

patterned knit tank

Patterned knit tank

For a coordinated and fashionable look, Gran Sasso offers a total look consisting of the patterned jersey tank top and the patterned palazzo trousers. This combination allows for an effortless total look, perfect for those who don't want to give up comfort, quality and style on their beach holiday.

patterned palazzo pants

Patterned palazzo pants

Gran Sasso is the perfect choice for those who want to feel cozy and stylish on their summer vacations. Pick the garments that best suit you and get ready to experience a season of elegance and relaxation.

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