Who's Sarri Now?

Maurizio Sarri's style of attacking football has grabbed the attention of the world's elite and lauded by perhaps the greatest of them all in Pep Guardiola. However, we are yet to see this effortless Italian style mirrored in the pitch-side ensemble of the Premiership's latest management star.

Sarri wears a Gran Sasso polo, Enrico Sacchi and Pep Guardiola


Gran Sasso at Pitti 94: "Polo is good, knit polo is better!"

"Polo is good, knit polo is better!" - that was the general message taken from the presentation of the Gran Sasso men's Spring/Summer 2019 collection at Pitti 94.

Gran Sasso at Pitti 94

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There are many combining factors that have made this garment successful over the years, but they can be summarised by...

Fashion tips: Gran Sasso Easy wear.

To describe the male style branded Gran Sasso for Spring/Summer 2018, it is not necessary to linger on the age of aperson, but to analyze the tasks in agenda. In fact, today, men divide themselves among different commitments and they need outfits that can sustain them in each occasion and everywhere...

Fashion tips: how to wear sparkling garments.

Here we are, springtime and the long-awaited moment to show light and silky clothing have arrived. The light of the sun inspires cheerful plays of light: with Swarovski crystals or lurex, the items to be added in our look to shine are quite a few. It's true, with total black outfits or tone-on-tone ...

Why we decided to dress women in the 80's

It was during the 80’s that at Gran Sasso, we got the initial inspiration to create a collection for women. Initially, it was only a collection made up of a  few pieces of women’s wear, however, that grew quickly. Day by day we started learning how to capture the essence of a women’s style and we fe...

Innovation and color for Gran Sasso at Pitti 93.

Gran Sasso at Pitti 93 presented the new men's proposal for the next Autumn-Winter 2018/2019. A collection inspired by the mountain environment, with refined turtlenecks and the introduction of felted cashmere that highlights the rustic and natural side of cashmere, made more informal by the felted ...

Our gift ideas for him and for her.

For many people, December is the most important event of the year because Christmas arrives. The lights, the colours and the food create a cheerful and familiar atmosphere, so warm to heat one of the coldest winter months. Another typical moment of this period is the choice of the right gift for the...

Natasha Stefanenko for Gran Sasso: 20 years later.

Elegance, beauty and quality – which characterize our brand- have always been a part of who we are and not only a mere product. Those features have always contributed to shaping our company the way it is now, thanks to the importance of the people who work with us and the kind of relationship we bui...

Aktive wool, the yarn for modern globetrotters.

Aktive wool is the new yarn produced together with Zegna Baruffa, in 100% extra fine merino wool, with latest generation technical processing, that makes it breathable, resistant, stretch and crease-resistant. Also during intensive use or after frequent washing, it preserves its natural elasticity, ...

Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Gran Sasso's collection preview.

Despite the warm summer days, our look is projected towards the next fall/winter 2017-2018. The two collections, man and woman, are now ready to be looked, observed and desired!

F/W 2017-2018 men and women's collection

F/W 2017-2018 men and women's collection

For men who wear Gran Sasso, we have thought of a knit total look: from jacke...