Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Gran Sasso's collection preview.

Despite the warm summer days, our look is projected towards the next fall/winter 2017-2018. The two collections, man and woman, are now ready to be looked, observed and desired!

F/W 2017-2018 men and women's collection

F/W 2017-2018 men and women's collection

For men who wear Gran Sasso, we have thought of a knit total look: from jacke...

Gran Sasso at Pitti 92: confirmations and many news!

Once more, a new edition of Pitti Uomo for Gran Sasso knitwear factory, during which there have been moments of great involvement from buyers and star system personalities. Among historical buyers and new curious people (+30% compared to last year), Gran Sasso presented the new man style of the next...

Style tips: how to wear a flower printed t-shirt.

Looking chic and stylish while wearing bright colours and patterns is no easy task. The line that separates a sophisticated, modern outfit from a I'm-ready-for-the-carnival-parade-look can be very subtle. On the other hand, relying just on basics would be boring and repetitive. So let the summer beg...

The mirror manufacturing process by Antonella!

Hi everyone, it’s me again, Antonella!

Today I’m going to talk you about the mirror manufacturing process, the first control that has to be done after the weaving of the single pieces of each sweater (neck, front, back and sleeves) produced by the loom and after assembled and prepared to create fin...

Gran Sasso approaches the cinema with Sfashion!

Maglificio Gran Sasso is one of the locations for the filming of the movie Sfashion by Mauro John Capece, a young world-famous director from Abruzzo region. The movie, in the italian cinemas from 23rd of March,deals with the issue of the economic crisis in Italy, lived through the eyes, the thoughts...

My Undercover Boss experience!

Hello everybody, my name is Antonella and I work for Maglificio Gran Sasso. You are going to read the first of 5 articles I wrote for the corporate blog, a prize I won during “Undercover Boss”. During the broadcast, one of the owners of the company, Guido Di Stefano, got to know my history and my dr...

Our "Leading Thread" at Pitti 91.

This year again, Pitti Uomo, the most highly-anticipated Italian menswear event, has been full of emotions! In this beautiful and colourful atmosphere, we presented lots of new products.

Video Pitti 91

Gran Sasso's video at Pitti 91

For the next 2017-2018 fall/winter season, our creative team designed a collec...

#undercoverboss Gran Sasso featured in Undercover Boss!

The episode of Undercover boss that aired on January 24 on Italian television channel Rai 2 saw the knitwear factory Gran Sasso experiencing an unparalleled success. More than 2.390.000 viewers, namely 9.09% audience share, were moved by the story of Guido Di Stefano, son of one of the 4 founders of...

#fashiontips: the perfect outfit for your parties

December, you know, is the month of festivities. Whether in the office, at home with the family or in chic places, the question that comes to each of us as we stand in front of the wardrobe is always the same: what shall I wear? The first step is to understand whether to orient oneself towards an el...

#Fashiontips: how to wear a turtleneck sweater

Winter is almost here and again, it’s the evergreen time of the season: the turtleneck sweater. In various colours, fabrics and yarns, it has a great fit, hiding the critical points of the curvy masculine and feminine figures, while defining the waist and breast of slimmer women.

Even though it may...