Gran Sasso approaches the cinema with Sfashion!

Maglificio Gran Sasso is one of the locations for the filming of the movie Sfashion by Mauro John Capece, a young world-famous director from Abruzzo region. The movie, in the italian cinemas from 23rd of March,deals with the issue of the economic crisis in Italy, lived through the eyes, the thoughts and the actions of an entrepreneur which inherited a clothing company.

Sfashion movie trailer

Sfashion movie trailer

As Capece himself, director and co-author of Sfashion reported Maglificio Gran Sasso was chosen mainly for two reasons: the beauty of the building (we must not forget the Triennale di Milano prize, the Golden Medal of Italian Architecture 2009- Honorable Mention) and the continuity of the Di Stefano family, at the head of the society since 1952, making it an authentic family-run company. Guido Di Stefano, brand manager of Gran Sasso's women’s wear line notes: “It's not easy nowadays being a Made in Italy fashion company. It is necessary to be competent and specialised, but also strong and tenacious. That’s why we accepted to take part in the Sfashion movie. Moreover, it’s important for us to encourage young talents which, with great tenacity, dedicate themselves to their work.”

Enjoy the movie!

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