Gran Sasso at Pitti Connect!

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed new limits and rules, but it has not stopped the creativity of the Maglificio and the desire for innovation of the professionals in the fashion sector. Gran Sasso presents the new men's and CITYFY Fall/Winter 2021-22 collections using the web and taking advantage of the most of digital potential through the Pitti Connect platform. To see the collections, just go to the Gran Sasso section of the Pitti Connect website and register. 

Within the area, the user will find information about the company and the collections, can view the catalog and request more information.

Piiti Connect

Not all the news presented at Pitti Connect concern the men's and Cityfy collections. Maglificio also presented the restyling of the historic logo. To coincide with the seventieth year of activity, Gran Sasso has decided to invest new resources and energy to lay the foundations for the next seventy years by creating a global restyling of the company's image in line with the times. From Autumn / Winter 2021 this will be the new logo.

Gran Sasso brand

The elegant and delicate Gran Sasso logo has given way to a more robust brand, supported by the writings ITALY and 1952, two very important words for the company, which underline the origin of the sweaters, produced entirely in Abruzzo, and the historicity of manufacturing, all a guarantee of quality and Italian style appreciated all over the world.

New Gran Sasso brand video

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