Gran Sasso Rebranding

The restyling process comes from the need to communicate the company’s natural evolution. The logo design was given this objective: graphically communicate the past and the present joining together to create a new sign, recognisable and clear all over the world, perfect for a company present in over 40 countries.

Gran Sasso Rebranding video

Gran Sasso Rebranding video

The strong clean lines, highlight the contemporary minimalism, the company’s search for simplicity and innovation; a style without frills that goes straight to the essence of the product: the quality of the raw materials. Two milestones frame the words Gran Sasso: 1952, the founding year, and Italy, synonym of quality craftmanship. The history, tradition and know-how echo in all corners of the company and characterise each person that collaborates with care and passion in the creation of every single product. Gran Sasso continuously searches for change from their roots and for over 70 years, the connection with their homeland is the basis for the company’s success. The letters G and S form the knitwear factory’s monogram, to recall the connection with the mountain, symbol of a strong and kind Region, transmitting the concept of force within all of us, the power to do something better each day. With pride, it is possible to say that the Gran Sasso products are Made in Italy, but more specifically, they are Made in Abruzzo.  

Through the brand restyling, the knitwear factory has given itself the objective to create a connection with the new generations, more attentive to symbolism and company values. This logo is the representation of Gran Sasso’s evolution, of a company that is up to speed with the times and every day they find the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. A promise of quality at the right price, an invite to enter the boutique and touch each product, appreciating the details, softness and style.

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