S/S 23 Collection: between soft volumes and spring nuances

The gray of winter gives way to the colorful and spring-like awakening of nature, and any self-respecting outfit can only follow the trail marked by what surrounds us. Protagonists of the new season of style signed Gran Sasso are fresh trends, layered looks, soft volumes and enveloping nuances. Comfy garments with a modern twist are the starting point to transition our wardrobe into spring.

A new masculine elegance

It is a new idea of masculine elegance, fresh yet refined, that is emerging in the new style season. Soft and delicate nuances are projected onto stylistic identities shaped by lightweight fabrics and harmonious details, features that make the male wardrobe an authentic and original instrument of personal expression. The go-to garment, the Alcantara bomber jacket, accompanies the man wearing Gran Sasso towards the warmer season. A jacket which is a statement about the bold spirit and distinct personality of the contemporary man.

alcantara bomber jacket

Alcantara bomber jacket

Instead, it is the appeal of preppy style from the 1950s that inspires the organic cotton cable V-neck sweater. Well-known for beautifully enhancing the figure, this refined item with a modern spin is perfect for everyday outfits, both for work and leisure. Guaranteed by the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS), the organic fibre is grown without pesticides or toxic substances, respecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

organic cotton cable V-neck

Organic cotton cable V-neck

The fisherman’s rib raglan crew neck sweater embodies the very idea of spring: to cope with the sudden changes in temperature typical of the mid-season and always look effortlessly stylish throughout the day, the modern man allows himself to be wrapped in a versatile and youthful garment, an emblem of versatility and sophistication signed Gran Sasso.

fisherman’s rib raglan crew neck

Fisherman’s rib raglan crew neck

The linen hooded knit t-shirt is the perfect garment to ensure you are never caught unprepared by warmer weather. Available in taupe and beige variants, the contrasting horizontal stripe pattern conveys volume and youthful flair to the garment, drawing attention to outfits capable of bringing out a magnetic personality.

hooded knit t-shirt

Hooded knit t-shirt

Women's wardrobe between romantic nuances and enveloping shapes

Spring brings elegant femininity, delicate nuances which harmoniously embellish the wardrobe essentials for women. Minimalist and in perfect tune with spring’s trends is the spread collar over-shirt jacket, which features a modern and youthful flair. One of the most iconic garments changes in details, volumes and lengths, still boasting the versatility only stretch cotton can give, electing itself as a staple of the hottest season.

spread collar over-shirt

Spread collar over-shirt

Protagonist of the new season's style palette, pink is an emblem of uncompromising femininity, sophistication and simplicity, always present in the wardrobe of all those who wish to dress according to their own personality. Ideal for leisure, the V-neck fisherman’s rib polo marries trends, lending itself to easy and romantic combinations with an easy chic flair.

V-neck fisherman’s rib polo

V-neck fisherman’s rib polo

Wrapping yarns, relaxed volumes and offbeat lightness are the hallmarks of the cashmere ribbed V-neck and cashmere hooded cardigan. Natural shades meet the sophistication of Made in Italy knitwear, a union that goes beyond aesthetics, touching the sphere of authentic emotions that the history of fine cashmere fibers bring in practical and comfy garments.

cashmere ribbed V-neck

Cashmere ribbed V-neck

cashmere hooded cardigan

Cashmere hooded cardigan

The vibrant tones of the double-face cashmere scarf echo the other side of a wide palette of shades, a go-to accessory for all mid-season looks that deserve to be enlivened and added a touch of class.

double-face cashmere scarf

Double-face cashmere scarf

Gran Sasso's signature knitwear accompanies men and women through the first days of spring, leaving them free to express their personalities with style.

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