Sustainability & Innovation - The Future of Business

The event "Sustainability & Innovation. The Future of Business" held on Monday, November 6th, at our headquarters in Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, achieved resounding success. Organized with the collaboration of Fineco Bank, the conference for the presentation of the project saw a succession of speeches by Guido Di Stefano, Creative Director of Gran Sasso Women's Collection, Fabrizio Fioravanti, Fineco Bank PFA, Marco Giuliani, Professor of Business Economics at Università Politecnica delle Marche, Roberta Faraotti, Head of Corporate Processes and Legal Affairs at Fainplast, Luca Calcagnoli, Gran Sasso CFO and Innovation Manager, Elicio Romandini, Mayor of the Municipality of Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, Lorenzo Dattoli, President of Confindustria Teramo, and Simone Ferraioli, President of Confindustria Ascoli Piceno.
Guido Di Stefano
Guido Di Stefano
For us, the event has represented the affirmation of our primary goal: to efficiently and strategically manage all the resources we have at our disposal, whether natural, financial, human, or relational. By looking ahead, we orient our present and future commitments, which are divided into five areas of our Sustainability Report: Environment, Human Capital, Network and Territory, Business Model and Innovation, and Leadership and Governance.
The event
Among the first activities implemented over the past few months - illustrated to the audience of industrialists from Abruzzo and Marche at the event - the use of EPR, Extended Producer Responsibility, a methodical and measured management of waste and pollution oriented towards the design and manufacture of increasingly recyclable products, through sustainable manufacturing processes, and the attention paid to the community that hosts us, evidenced, among the numerous activities proposed, by the Rimaglio course (linking), an opportunity for the entire community to flourish and enhance the talents of the fashion industry.
Luca Calcagnoli
Luca Calcagnoli
For us, becoming a sustainable company means looking to the future with commitment and responsibility, elements that have always embodied our vision, to the point of making our company synonymous with quality and excellence throughout the international fashion scene. What we envision is a better world, governed by three fundamental cornerstones: community, environment and brand.
We thank Fineco Bank, Fainplast, Confindustria Teramo and Confindustria Ascoli Piceno for actively participating in the event.
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